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Regulations, Codes, and Standards (RCS) For Large Scale Hydrogen Systems


Hydrogen has potential applications that require larger-scale storage, use, and handling systems than currently are employed in emerging-market fuel cell applications. These potential applications include hydrogen generation and storage systems that would support electrical grid systems. There has been extensive work evaluating regulations, codes, and standards (RCS) for the emerging fuel cell market, such as the infrastructure required to support fuel cell electric vehicles. However, there has not been a similar RCS evaluation and development process for these larger systems. This paper presents an evaluation of the existing RCS in the United States for large-scale systems and identifies potential RCS gaps. This analysis considers large-scale hydrogen technologies that are currently being employed in limited use but may be more widely used as large-scale applications expand. The paper also identifies areas of potential safety research that would need to be conducted to fill the RCS gaps. U.S. codes define bulk hydrogen storage systems but do not define large-scale systems. This paper evaluates potential applications to define a large-scale hydrogen system relative to the systems employed in emerging technologies such as hydrogen fuelling stations. These large-scale systems would likely be of similar size to or larger than industrial hydrogen systems.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United States

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Regulations, codes, and standards (RCS) for large scale hydrogen systems

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