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Effect of Plastic Deformation at Room Temperature on Hydrogen Diffusion of Hot-rolled S30408


The influence of plastic deformation on hydrogen diffusion is of critical significance for hydrogen embrittlement (HE) studies. In this work, thermal desorption spectroscope (TDS), slow strain rate test (SSRT), feritscope, transmission electron microscope (TEM) and TDS model are used to establish the relationship between plastic deformation and hydrogen diffusion, aiming at unambiguously elucidating the effect of pre-existing traps on hydrogen diffusion of hot-rolled S30408. An effective way is developed to deduce hydrogen apparent diffusivity in this paper. Results indicate apparent diffusivities decrease firstly and then increase with increasing plastic strain at room temperature. Hydrogen diffusion changing with plastic deformation is a complicated process involving multiple factors. It is suggested to be divided into two processes controlled by dislocations and strain-induced martensite, respectively, and the transformation strain is about 20% demonstrated by experiments.

Related subjects: Safety

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