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Vented Hydrogen-air Explosion in a Small Obstructed Rectangular Container- effect of the Blockage Ratio


The explosion venting is an effective way to reduce hydrogen-air explosion hazards, but the explosion venting has been hardly touched in an obstructed container. Current experiments focused on the effects of different blockage ratios on the explosion venting in a small obstructed rectangular container. Experimental results show that three overpressure peaks are formed in the case with the obstacle while only two can be observed in the case of no obstacle. The obstacle blockage ratio has a significant influence on the peak overpressure induced by the obstacle-acoustic interactions, but it has an ignorable effect on the peak overpressure caused by the rupture of the vent film. The obstacle-induced overpressure peak first increases and then decreases with the increase of the blockage ratio. In addition, all overpressure peaks inside the container decreases with the increase of the vent area and its appearance time is relatively earlier for larger vent area.

Related subjects: Safety

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Vented hydrogen-air explosion in a small obstructed rectangular container- effect of the blockage ratio

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