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Numerical Assessment of Hydrogen Explosion Consequences in Mine Tunnel


The aim of the work is a numerical estimation of the conditional probability of damage to the mine personnel during an accidental explosion of a hydrogen-air mixture. The methodology for determining the parameters of the gas-dynamic process of the explosion of a hydrogen-air cloud in an open and closed space, taking into account chemical interaction and space clutter, is presented. A computational method based on a probit analysis for determining the damage probability fields of a person exposed to the explosion shock wave has been developed. To automate the computational process, the tabular dependence “probit-function-damage probability” is replaced by a piecewise cubic spline. Numerical studies of the influence of the drift working space clutter by an electric locomotive on the distribution of the overpressure of the gaseous medium and the conditional probability of the eardrums rupture and lethal damage to personnel in the accidental zone of the coal mine have been carried out. It was obtained that the closed nature of the working space and its blockage significantly changes the shape and size of the danger zone and requires consideration by an expert at the stage of deciding on the safety level at the mine. The scientific novelty of the method proposed in the work is in taking into account in the mathematical model of the movement of a multi-component chemically reacting gas mixture the effect of compressibility of flow, complex terrain (space clutter with equipment), three-dimensional nature of the gas-air mixture dispersion process. The model allows obtaining the space-time distributions of the shock-impulse load of the blast wave that is necessary for determining the non-stationary three-dimensional fields of the conditional probability of damage to the staff on the basis of probit analysis. The developed computational method allows analyzing and forecasting in time and space the conditional probability of damage of varying degrees of severity of personnel who are exposed to an explosive shock wave as an indicator of the safety level of a coal mine.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Ukraine

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Numerical assessment of hydrogen explosion consequences in mine tunnel

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