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An Investigation of Mobile Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Applications


Safe practices in the production, storage, distribution, and use of hydrogen are essential for the widespread acceptance of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. A significant safety incident in any project could damage public perception of hydrogen and fuel cells. A recent incident involving a hydrogen mobile storage trailer in the United States has brought attention to the potential impacts of mobile hydrogen storage and transport. Road transport of bulk hydrogen presents unique hazards that can be very different from those for stationary equipment, and new equipment developers may have less experience and expertise than seasoned gas providers. In response to the aforementioned incident, and in support of hydrogen and fuel cell activities in California, the Hydrogen Safety Panel (HSP) has investigated the safety of mobile hydrogen and fuel cell applications (mobile auxiliary/emergency fuel cell power units, mobile fuellers, multi-cylinder trailer transport, unmanned aircraft power supplies, and mobile hydrogen generators). The HSP examined the applications, requirements, and performance of mobile applications that are being used extensively outside of California to understand how safety considerations are applied. This paper discusses the results of the HSP’s evaluation of hydrogen and fuel cell mobile applications along with recommendations to address relevant safety issues.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United States

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An investigation of mobile hydrogen and fuel cell technology applications

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