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Jet Zero Strategy: Delivering Net Zero Aviation by 2050


The Jet Zero strategy sets out how we will achieve net zero aviation by 2050.
It focuses on the rapid development of technologies in a way that maintains the benefits of air travel whilst maximising the opportunities that decarbonisation can bring to the UK.
The Jet Zero strategy includes a 5-year delivery plan, setting out the actions that will need to be taken in the coming years to support the delivery of net zero aviation by 2050. We will be monitoring progress and reviewing and updating our strategy every 5 years.
The strategy is informed by over 1,500 responses to the Jet Zero consultation and the Jet Zero further technical consultation, to which we have issued a summary of responses and government response.
The Jet Zero investment flightpath is part of a series of roadmaps to be published over the course of 2022 for each sector of the Prime Minister’s Ten point plan for a green industrial revolution.
It showcases the UK’s leading role in the development and commercialisation of new, low and zero emission aviation technologies. It also highlights investment opportunities across systems efficiencies, sustainable aviation fuels and zero emission aircraft.

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Countries: United Kingdom

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