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Advanced Hydrogen and CO2 Capture Technology for Sour Syngas


A key challenge for future clean power or hydrogen projects via gasification is the need to reduce the overall cost while achieving significant levels of CO2 capture. The current state of the art technology for capturing CO2 from sour syngas uses a physical solvent absorption process (acid gas removal–AGR) such as Selexol™ or Rectisol® to selectively separate H2S and CO2 from the H2. These two processes are expensive and require significant utility consumption during operation, which only escalates with increasing levels of CO2 capture. Importantly, Air Products has developed an alternative option that can achieve a higher level of CO2 capture than the conventional technologies at significantly lower capital and operating costs. Overall, the system is expected to reduce the cost of CO2 capture by over 25%.
Air Products developed this novel technology by leveraging years of experience in the design and operation of H2 pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems in its numerous steam methane reformers. Commercial PSAs typically operate on clean syngas and thus need an upstream AGR unit to operate in a gasification process. Air Products recognized that a H2 PSA technology adapted to handle sour feedgas (Sour PSA) would enable a new and enhanced improvement to a gasification system. The complete Air Products CO2 Capture technology (CCT) for sour syngas consists of a Sour PSA unit followed by a low-BTU sour oxycombustion unit and finally a CO2 purification / compression system.

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