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Combined Dehydrogenation and Hydrogen-based Power Generation


An energy production from the combination of dehydrogenation and combined cycle power generation is proposed. The delivered system is established from three main modules: dehydrogenation, combustion, and combined cycle. The heat in the system is circulated thoroughly to enhance the energy efficiency due to optimum energy recovery. The Pt/Al2O3 catalyst is applied in the dehydrogenation module due to superior activity to accelerate the dehydrogenation of MCH. The toluene emitted from the MCH is recirculated to the hydrogenation plant, while the hydrogen is further utilized as the fuel in the combustion. Although the high-temperature condition is necessary to perform high yield dehydrogenation, the proposed system is capable of carrying out self-heating mechanism with no external heat. With the optimum configuration, the delivered system can produce 100.0 MW of electricity from 100 t/h of MCH, with 50.19% of energy efficiency.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Japan

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