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Estimation of Filling Time for Compressed Hydrogen Refueling


In order to facilitate the application of hydrogen energy and ensure its safety, the compressed hydrogen storage tank on board needs to be full of hydrogen gas within 3 minutes. Therefore, to meet this requirement, the effects of refueling parameters on the filling time need to be investigated urgently. For the purpose of solving this issue, a novel analytical solution of filling time is obtained from a lumped parameter model in this paper. According to the equation of state for real gas and dimensionless numbers Nu and Re, the function relationships between the filling time and the refueling parameters are presented. These parameters include initial temperature, initial pressure, inflow temperature, final temperature and final pressure. These equations are used to fit the reference data, the results of fitting show good agreement. Then, the values of fitting parameters are further utilized so as to verify the validity of these formulas. We believe this study can contribute to control the hydrogen filling time and ensure the safety during fast filling process.


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