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A New Sustainable Hydrogen Clean Energy Paradigm


We analyze the feasibility of a novel, hydrogen fuel cell electric generator to provide power with zero noise and emissions for myriad ground based applications. The hydrogen fuel cell electric generator utilizes a novel, scalable apparatus that safely generates hydrogen (H2) on demand according to a novel method, using a controlled chemical reaction between water (H2O) and sodium (Na) metal that yields hydrogen gas of sufficient purity for direct use in fuel cells without risk of contaminating sensitive catalysts. The sodium hydroxide (NaOH) byproduct of the hydrogen producing reaction, is collected within the apparatus for later reprocessing by electrolysis, to recover the Na reactant. The detailed analysis shows that the novel, hydrogen fuel cell electric generator will be capable of meeting the clean power requirements for residential and commercial buildings including single family homes and light commercial establishments under a wide range of geographic and climatic conditions.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: United Kingdom

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