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People’s Attitude to Energy from Hydrogen—From the Point of View of Modern Energy Technologies and Social Responsibility


Energy from hydrogen is an appropriate technological choice in the context of sustainable development. The opportunities offered by the use of energy from hydrogen also represent a significant challenge for mobile technologies and daily life. Nevertheless, despite a significant amount of research and information regarding the benefits of hydrogen energy, it creates considerable controversy in many countries. Globally, there is a lack of understanding about the production process of hydrogen energy and the benefits it provides, which leads to concerns regarding the consistency of its use. In this study, an original questionnaire was used as a research tool to determine the opinions of inhabitants of countries in which hydrogen energy is underutilized and where the infrastructure for hydrogen energy is underdeveloped. Respondents presented their attitude to ecology, and indicated their knowledge regarding the operation of hydrogen energy and the use of hydrogen fuel. The results indicate that society is not convinced that the safety levels for energy derived from hydrogen are adequate. It can be concluded that knowledge about hydrogen as an energy source, and the production safety and storage methods of hydrogen, is very low. Negative attitudes to hydrogen energy can be an important barrier in the development of this energy in many countries.

Funding source: Czestochowa University of Technology
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Poland

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