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The Effect of Cold Rolling on the Hydrogen Susceptibility of 5083 Aluminium Alloy


This work focuses in investigating the effect of cold deformation on the cathodic hydrogen charging of 5083 aluminum alloy. The aluminium alloy was submitted to a cold rolling process, until the average thickness of the specimens was reduced by 7% and 15%, respectively. A study of the structure, microhardness, and tensile properties of the hydrogen charged aluminium specimens, with and without cold rolling, indicated that the cold deformation process led to an increase of hydrogen susceptibility of this aluminum alloy.

Funding source: SUPERSO-NIC (contract number FP7-NMR-2008-LARGE-2-CP-IP-228814-2); Scientific Community on Surface Modification of Materials funded by FWO-Flanders; EU funded IRSES project (Oil & Sugar contract IRSES-GA-2011-295202).
Countries: Belgium ; Greece

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