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Model of Local Hydrogen Permeability in Stainless Steel with Two Coexisting Structures


The dynamics of hydrogen in metals with mixed grain structure is not well understood at a microscopic scale. One of the biggest issues facing the hydrogen economy is “hydrogen embrittlement” of metal induced by hydrogen entering and diffusing into the material. Hydrogen diffusion in metallic materials is difficult to grasp owing to the non-uniform compositions and structures of metal. Here a time-resolved “operando hydrogen microscope” was used to interpret local diffusion behaviour of hydrogen in the microstructure of a stainless steel with austenite and martensite structures. The martensite/austenite ratios differed in each local region of the sample. The path of hydrogen permeation was inferred from the time evolution of hydrogen permeation in several regions. We proposed a model of hydrogen diffusion in a dual-structure material and verified the validity of the model by simulations that took into account the transfer of hydrogen at the interfaces.

Funding source: This research was supported by a MEXT/JSPS KAKENHI grant (Grant number JP 18H03849).
Countries: Japan

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