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Techno-economic Modelling of Water Electrolysers in the Range of Several MW to Provide Grid Services While Generating Hydrogen for Different Applications: A Case Study in Spain Applied to Mobility with FCEVs


The use of hydrogen as energy carrier is a promising option to decarbonize both energy and transport sectors. This paper presents an advanced techno-economic model for calculation of optimal dispatch of large-scale multi MW electrolysis plants in order to obtain a more accurate evaluation of the feasibility of business cases related to the supply of this fuel for different end uses combined with grid services' provision. The model is applied to the Spanish case using different scenarios to determine the minimum demand required from the FCEV market so that electrolysis facilities featuring several MW result in profitable business cases. The results show that grid services contribute to the profitability of hydrogen production for mobility, given a minimum but considerable demand from FCEV fleets.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Spain

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