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The Role of the Testing Rate on Small Punch Tests for the Estimation of Fracture Toughness in Hydrogen Embrittlement


In this paper, different techniques to test notched Small Punch (SPT) samples in fracture conditions in aggressive environments are studied, based on the comparison of the micromechanisms at different rates. Pre-embrittled samples subsequently tested in air at rates conventionally employed (0.01 and 0.002 mm/s) are compared to embrittled ones tested in environment at the same rates (0.01 and 0.002 mm/s) and at a very slow rate (5E-5 mm/s). A set of samples tested in environment under a set of constant loads that produce very slow rates completes the experimental results. As a conclusion, it is recommended to test SPT notched specimens in environment at very slow rates, of around E-6 mm/s, when characterizing in Hydrogen Embrittlement (HE) scenarios, in order to allow the interaction material-environment to govern the process.

Countries: Spain

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