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Application of the Incremental Step Loading Technique to Small Punch Tests on S420 Steel in Acid Environments


The Small Punch test has been recently used to estimate mechanical properties of steels in aggressive environments. This technique, very interesting when there is shortage of material, consists in using a small plane specimen and punch it until it fails. The type of tests normally used are under a constant load in an aggressive environment, with the target to determine the threshold stress. However, this is an inaccurate technique which takes time, as the tests are quite slow. In this paper, the Small Punch tests are combined with the step loading technique collected in the standard ASTM F1624 [1] to obtain the value of threshold stress of an S420 steel in a total time of approximately one week. The ASTM F1624 indicates how to apply constant load steps in hydrogen embrittlement environments, increasing them subsequently and adapting their duration until the specimen fails. The environment is created by means of cathodic polarization of cylindrical tensile specimens in an acid electrolyte. A batch of standard tests are performed to validate the methodology.

Funding source: Government of Cantabria and the University of Cantabria in the framework of “Proyectos Puente 2019” call.
Countries: Spain

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