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Green Hydrogen: A New Flexibility Source for Security Constrained Scheduling of Power Systems with Renewable Energies


Green hydrogen, i.e. the hydrogen generated from renewable energy sources (RES) will significantly contribute to a successful energy transition. Besides, to facilitate the integration and storage of RES, this promising energy carrier is well capable to efficiently link various energy sectors. By introduction of green hydrogen as a new flexibility source to power systems, it is necessary to investigate its possible impacts on the generation scheduling and power system security. In this paper, a security-constrained multi-period optimal power flow (SC-MPOPF) model is developed aiming to determine the optimal hourly dispatch of generators as well as power to hydrogen (P2H) units in the presence of large-scale renewable energy sources (RES). The proposed model characterizes the P2H demand flexibility in the proposed SC-MPOPF model, taking into account the electrolyzer behavior, reactive power support of P2H demands and hydrogen storage capability. The developed SC-MPOPF model is applied to IEEE 39-bus system and the obtained numerical results demonstrate the role of P2H flexibility on cost as well as RES's power curtailment reduction.

Funding source: Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under the SFI Strategic Partnership Programme Grant No. SFI/15/SPP/E3125.
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Ireland

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