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Hydrous Hydrazine Decomposition for Hydrogen Production Using of Ir/CeO2: Effect of Reaction Parameters on the Activity


In the present work, an Ir/CeO2 catalyst was prepared by the deposition–precipitation method and tested in the decomposition of hydrazine hydrate to hydrogen, which is very important in the development of hydrogen storage materials for fuel cells. The catalyst was characterised using different techniques, i.e., X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) equipped with X-ray detector (EDX) and inductively coupled plasma—mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS). The effect of reaction conditions on the activity and selectivity of the material was evaluated in this study, modifying parameters such as temperature, the mass of the catalyst, stirring speed and concentration of base in order to find the optimal conditions of reaction, which allow performing the test in a kinetically limited regime.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Italy ; United Kingdom

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