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The Effect of the Temperature and Moisture to the Permeation Properties of PEO-Based Membranes for Carbon-Dioxide Separation


An increased demand for energy in recent decades has caused an increase in the emissions of combustion products, among which carbon-dioxide is the most harmful. As carbon-dioxide induces negative environmental effects, like global warming and the greenhouse effect, a decrease of the carbon-dioxide emission has emerged as one of the most urgent tasks in engineering. In this work, the possibility for the application of the polymer-based, dense, mixed matrix membranes for flue gas treatment was tested. The task was to test a potential decrease in the permeability and selectivity of a mixed-matrix membrane in the presence of moisture and at elevated temperature. Membranes are based on two different poly(ethylene oxide)-based polymers filled with two different zeolite powders (ITR and IWS). An additive of detergent type was added to improve the contact properties between the zeolite and polymer matrix. The measurements were performed at three different temperatures (30, 60, and 90 °C) under wet conditions, with partial pressure of the water equal to the vapor pressure of the water at the given temperature. The permeability of carbon-dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen was measured, and the selectivity of the carbon-dioxide versus other gases was determined. Obtained results have shown that an increase of temperature and partial pressure of the vapor slightly increase both the selectivity and permeability of the synthesized membranes. It was also shown that the addition of the zeolite powder increases the permeability of carbon-dioxide while maintaining the selectivity, compared to hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Kuwait

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