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Precooling Temperature Relaxation Technology in Hydrogen Refueling for Fuel-Cell Vehicles


The dissemination of fuel-cell vehicles requires cost reduction of hydrogen refueling stations. The temperature of the supplied hydrogen has currently been cooled to approximately 40 C. This has led to larger equipment and increased electric power consumption. This study achieves a relaxation of the precooling temperature to the 20 C level while maintaining the refueling time. (1) Adoption of an MC formula that can flexibly change the refueling rate according to the precooling temperature. (2) Measurement of thermal capacity of refueling system parts and re-evaluation. Selection from multiple refueling control maps according to the dispenser design (Mathison, et al., 2015). (3) Calculation of the effective thermal capacity and reselection of the map in real time when the line is cooled from refueling of the previous vehicle (Mathison, and Handa, 2015). (4) Addition of maps in which the minimum assumed pressures are 10 and 15 MPa. The new method is named MC Multi Map

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Japan

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