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Safety Analysis and Risk Control of Shore-Based Bunkering Operations for Hydrogen Powered Ships


In order to ensure the safety of shore-based hydrogen bunkering operations, this paper takes a 2000-ton bulk hydrogen powered ship as an example. Firstly, the HAZID method is used to identify the hazards of hydrogen bunkering, then the probability of each scenario is analyzed, and then the consequences of scenarios with high risk based on FLACS software is simulated. Finally, the personal risk of bunkering operation is evaluated and the bunkering restriction area is defined. The results show that the personal risk of shore-based bunkering operation of hydrogen powered ship is acceptable, but the following risk control measures should be taken: (1) The bunkering restriction area shall be delineated, and only the necessary operators are allowed to enter the area and control the any form of potential ignition source; (2) The hose is the high risk hazards during bunkering. The design form of bunkering arm and bunkering hose is considered to shorten the length of the hose as far as possible; (3) A safe distance between shore-based hydrogenation station and the building outside the station should be guaranteed. The results have a guiding role in effectively reducing the risk of hydrogen bunkering operation.

Funding source: TThis research was funded by the project of the ministry of industry and information technology of China “Research on Key Technologies of hydrogen fuel powered ship”.
Related subjects: Safety

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