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Development of Renewable Energy Multi-energy Complementary Hydrogen Energy System (A Case Study in China): A Review


The hydrogen energy system based on the multi-energy complementary of renewable energy can improve the consumption of renewable energy, reduce the adverse impact on the power grid system, and has the characteristics of green, low carbon, sustainable, etc., which is currently a global research hotspot. Based on the basic principles of hydrogen production technology, this paper introduces the current hydrogen energy system topology, and summarizes the technical advantages of renewable energy complementary hydrogen production and the complementary system energy coordination forms. The problems that have been solved or reached consensus are summarized, and the current status of hydrogen energy system research at home and abroad is introduced in detail. On this basis, the key technologies of multi-energy complementation of hydrogen energy system are elaborated, especially in-depth research and discussion on coordinated control strategies, energy storage and capacity allocation, energy management, and electrolysis water hydrogen production technology. The development trend of the multi-energy complementary system and the hydrogen energy industry chain is also presented, which provides a reference for the development of hydrogen production technology and hydrogen energy utilization of the renewable energy complementary system.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics

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