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Loss of Integrity of Hydrogen Technologies: A Critical Review


Hydrogen is one of the main candidates in replacing fossil fuels in the forthcoming years. However, hydrogen technologies must deal with safety aspects due to the specific substance properties. This study aims to provide an overview on the loss of integrity (LOI) of hydrogen equipment, which may lead to serious consequences, such as fires and explosions. Substantial information regarding the hydrogen lifecycle, its properties, and safety related aspects has gathered. Furthermore, focus has placed on the phenomena responsible for the LOI (e.g. hydrogen embrittlement) and material selection for hydrogen services. Moreover, a systematic review on the hydrogen LOI topic has conducted to identify and connect the most relevant and active research group within the topic. In conclusion, a significant dearth of knowledge in material behaviour of hydrogen technologies has highlighted. It is thought that is possible to bridge this gap by strengthening the collaborations between scientists from different research fields.

Funding source: This study is part of the SH2IFT(Safe Hydrogen Fuel Handling and Use for Efficient Implementation) project [grant number: 280964/E20] and the authors would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Research Council of Norway
Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Norway

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