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Petroleum Sector-Driven Roadmap for Future Hydrogen Economy


In the climate change mitigation context based on the blue hydrogen concept, a narrative frame is presented in this paper to build the argument for solving the energy trilemma, which is the possibility of job loss and stranded asset accumulation with a sustainable energy solution in gas- and oil-rich regions, especially for the Persian Gulf region. To this aim, scientific evidence and multidimensional feasibility analysis have been employed for making the narrative around hydrogen clear in public and policy discourse so that choices towards acceleration of efforts can begin for paving the way for the future hydrogen economy and society. This can come from natural gas and petroleum-related skills, technologies, experience, and infrastructure. In this way, we present results using multidimensional feasibility analysis through STEEP and give examples of oil- and gas-producing countries to lead the transition action along the line of hydrogen-based economy in order to make quick moves towards cost effectiveness and sustainability through international cooperation. Lastly, this article presents a viewpoint for some regional geopolitical cooperation building but needs a more full-scale assessment.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: India ; Norway ; Thailand

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