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Sustainable Hydrogen Society - Vision, Findings and Development of a Hydrogen Economy Using the Example of Austria


Based on technical, environmental, economic and social facts and recent findings, the feasibility of the transition from our current fossil age to the new green age is analyzed in detail at both global and local level. To avert the threats of health problems, environmental pollution and climate change to our quality and standard of life, a twofold radical paradigm shift is outlined: Green Energy Revolution means the complete change from fossil-based to green primary energy sources such as sun, wind, water, environmental heat, and biomass; Green Hydrogen Society means the complete change from fossil-based final energy to green electricity and green hydrogen in all areas of mobility, industries, households and energy services. Renewable energies offer a green future and are in combination with electrochemical machines such as electrolysers, batteries and fuel cells able to achieve higher efficiencies and zero emissions.

Funding source: This paper was co-financed by grants for research projects pre- sented in this paper from: Climate and Energy Fund, bmwfw - Bundesministerium fu ̈ r Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft, FFG - €Osterreichische Forschungs-f€orderungsgesellschaft mbH, WIVA P&G e Wasserstoffinitiative Vorzeigeregion Power & Gas.
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Austria

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