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Low-carbon Energy Transition With the Sun and Forest: Solar-driven Hydrogen Production from Biomass


There is a need to derive hydrogen from renewable sources, and the innovative stewardship of two natural resources, namely the Sun and forest, could provide a new pathway. This paper provides the first comparative analysis of solar-driven hydrogen production from environmental angles. A novel hydrogen production process proposed in this paper, named Solar-Driven Advanced Biomass Indirect-Gasification (SABI-Hydrogen), shows promise toward achieving continuous operation and scalability, the two key challenges to meet future energy needs. The calculated Global Warming Potential for 1 kg of solar-driven hydrogen production is 1.04 kg CO2-eq/kg H2, less than half of the current biomass gasification process which emits 2.67 kg CO2-eq/kg H2. Further, SABI-Hydrogen demonstrates the least-carbon intensive pathway among all current hydrogen production methods. Thus, solar-driven hydrogen production from biomass could lead to a sustainable supply, essential for a low-carbon energy transition.

Funding source: Funding from Kyoto Fusioneering is gratefully acknowledged
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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