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Mach 4 Simulating Experiment of Pre-Cooled Turbojet Engine Using Liquid Hydrogen


This study investigated a pre-cooled turbojet engine for a Mach 5 class hypersonic transport aircraft. The engine was demonstrated under takeoff and Mach 2 flight conditions, and a Mach 5 propulsion wind tunnel test is planned. The engine is composed of a pre-cooler, a core engine, and an afterburner. The engine was tested under simulated Mach 4 conditions using an air supply facility. High-temperature air under high pressure was supplied to the engine components through an airflow control valve and an orifice flow meter, and liquid hydrogen was supplied to the pre-cooler and the core engine. The results confirmed that the starting sequence of the engine components was effective under simulated Mach 4 conditions using liquid hydrogen fuel. The pre-cooling effect caused no damage to the rotating parts of the core engine in the experiment.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Japan

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