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Development of a Flashback Correlation for Burner-stabilized Hydrogen-air Premixed Flames


With a growing need for replacing fossil fuels with cleaner alternatives, hydrogen has emerged as a viable candidate for providing heat and power. However, stable and safe combustion of hydrogen is not simple and as such, a number of key issues have been identified that need to be understood for a safe design of combustion chambers. One such issue is the higher propensity of hydrogen flames to flashback compared to that for methane flames. The flashback problem is coupled with higher burner temperatures that could cause strong thermal stresses in burners and could hinder their performance. In order to systematically investigate flashback in premixed hydrogen-air flames for finding a global flashback criteria, in this study we use numerical simulations as a basic tool to study flashback limits of slit burners. Flashback limits are found for varying geometrical parameters and equivalence ratios and the sensitivity of each parameter on the flashback limit and burner temperatures are identified and analyzed. It is shown that the conventional flashback correlation with critical velocity gradient does not collapse the flashback data as it does not take into account stretch induced preferential diffusion effects. A new Karlovitz number definition is introduced with physical insights that collapses the flashback data at all tested conditions in an excellent manner.

Funding source: Financial and technical support from Polidoro S.p.A. and Ferroli S.p.A. is gratefully acknowledged
Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Germany ; Netherlands

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