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Development of Analysis Program for Direct Containment Heating


Direct containment heating (DCH) is one of the potential factors leading to early containment failure. DCH is closely related to safety analysis and containment performance evaluation of nuclear power plants. In this study, a DCH prediction program was developed to analyze the DCH loads of containment vessel. The phenomenological model of debris dispersal, metal oxidation reaction, debris-atmospheric heat transfer and hydrogen jet burn was established. Code assessment was performed by comparing with several separate effect tests and integral effect tests. The comparison between the predicted results and experimental data shows that the program can predict the key parameters such as peak pressure, temperature, and hydrogen production in containment well, and for most comparisons the relative errors can be maintained within 20%. Among them, the prediction uncertainty of hydrogen production is slightly larger. The analysis shows that the main sources of the error are the difference of time scale and the oxidation of cavity debris.

Funding source: This study is financed by National Key R&D Program of China (2019YFB1900704)
Related subjects: Safety

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