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Model Supported Business Case Scenario Analysis for Decentral Hydrogen Conversion, Storage and Consumption within Energy Hubs


Recently, smart energy hubs with hydrogen conversion and storage have received increased attention in the Netherlands. The hydrogen is to be used for vehicle filling stations, industrial processes and heating. The scientific problem addressed in this paper is the proper sizing of capacities for renewable energy generation, hydrogen conversion and storage in relation to a feasible business case for the energy hub while achieving security of supply. Scenario analysis is often used during the early stages of the energy planning process, and for this an easy-to-use analysis model is required. This paper investigates available modelling approaches and develops an algorithmic modelling method which is worked out in Microsoft Excel and offers ease of use for scenario analysis purposes. The model is applied to case study, which leads to important insights such as the expected price of hydrogen and the proper sizing of electrolyser and hydrogen storage for that case. The model is made available open-source. Future work is proposed in the direction of application of the model for other project cases and comparison of results with other available modelling tools.

Funding source: This research was funded by NWO-Dutch Research Council, project RELEASE, grant number 17621 and by SIA-KIEM project HyWinn, grant number KIEM.K20.01.128
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Netherlands

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