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The Effects of Perceived Barriers on Innovation Resistance of Hydrogen-Electric Motorcycles


As environmental awareness among the public gradually improves, it is predicted that the trend of green consumption will make green products enter the mainstream market. Hydrogen-electric motorcycles, with eco-friendly and energy-efficient characteristics, have great advantages for development. However, as a type of innovative product, hydrogen-electric motorcycles require further examination with regard to consumer acceptance and external variables of the products. In this study, consumer behavioral intention (BI) for the use of hydrogen-electric motorcycles and its influencing factors are discussed, using innovation resistance as the basis and environmental concern as the adjusting variable. Consumers’ willingness-to-pay (WTP) for hydrogen-electric motorcycles is estimated using the contingent valuation method (CVM). The results found that (1) perception barriers, viz., usage barrier, value barrier, risk barrier, tradition barrier, and price barrier are statistically significant, whereas image barrier is not; (2) a high degree of environmental concern will reduce the consumers’ innovation resistance to the hydrogen-electric motorcycles; (3) up to 94.79% of the respondents of the designed questionnaire suggested that the promotion of hydrogen-electric motorcycles requires a subsidy of 21.9% of the total price from the government. The mean WTP of consumers for the purchase of hydrogen-electric motorcycles is 10–15% higher than that of traditional motorcycles.

Funding source: Financial support for this work was provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology (Republic of China, Taiwan; grant number: NSC 101-3113-P-006-019).
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Chinese Taipei

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