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Potential Hydrogen Market: Value-Added Services Increase Economic Efficiency for Hydrogen Energy Suppliers


Hydrogen energy is a clean, zero-carbon, long-term storage, flexible and efficient secondary energy. Accelerating the development of the hydrogen energy industry is a strategic choice to cope with global climate change, achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, and realize high-quality economic and social development. This study aimed to analyze the economic impact of introducing valueadded services to the hydrogen energy market on hydrogen energy suppliers. Considering the network effect of value-added services, this study used a two-stage game model to quantitatively analyze the revenue of hydrogen energy suppliers under different scenarios and provided the optimal decision. The results revealed that (1) the revenue of a hydrogen energy supplier increases only if the intrinsic value of value-added services exceeds a certain threshold; (2) the revenue of hydrogen energy suppliers is influenced by a combination of four key factors: the intrinsic value of value-added services, network effects, user scale, and the sales strategies of rivals; (3) the model developed in this paper can provide optimal decisions for hydrogen energy suppliers to improve their economic efficiency and bring more economic investment to hydrogen energy market in the future.

Funding source: This research was funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China, grant number 20BJL036 and the Humanities and Social Science Fund of Ministry of Education of China, grant number 18YJAZH138.
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics

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