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Gasification of Solid Fuels (Coal, Biomass and MSW): Overview, Challenges and Mitigation Strategies


Currently, hydrogen energy is the most promising energy vector, while gasification is one of the major routes for its production. However, gasification suffers from various issues, including slower carbon conversion, poor syngas quality, lower heating value and higher emissions. Multiple factors affect gasification performance, such as the selection of gasifiers, feedstock’s physicochemical properties and operating conditions. In this review, the status of gasification, key gasifier technologies and the effect of solid-fuel (i.e., coal, biomass and MSW) properties on gasification performance are reviewed critically. Based on the current review, the co-gasification of coal, biomass and solid waste, along with a partial utilisation of CO2 as a reactant, are suggested. Furthermore, a technological breakthrough in carbon capture and sequestration is needed to make it industrially viable

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Australia

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