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Techno-Economic Analysis of Low Carbon Hydrogen Production from Offshore Wind Using Battolyser Technology


A battolyser is a combined battery electrolyser in one unit. It is based on flow battery technology and can be adapted to produce hydrogen at a lower efficiency than an electrolyser but without the need for rare and expensive materials. This paper presents a method of determining if a battolyser connected to a wind farm makes economic sense based on stochastic modelling. A range of cost data and operational scenarios are used to establish the impact on the NPV and LCOE of adding a battolyser to a wind farm. The results are compared to adding a battery or an electrolyser to a wind farm. Indications are that it makes economic sense to add a battolyser or battery to a wind farm to use any curtailed wind with calculated LCOE at £56/MWh to £58/MWh and positive NPV over a range of cost scenarios. However, electrolysers, are still too expensive to make economic sense.

Funding source: This research was funded by the EPSRC through grant number EP/S032622/1.
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: United Kingdom

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