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The Value of Flexible Fuel Mixing in Hydrogen-fueled Gas Turbines - A Techno-economic Study


In electricity systems mainly supplied with variable renewable electricity (VRE), the variable generation must be balanced. Hydrogen as an energy carrier, combined with storage, has the ability to shift electricity generation in time and thereby support the electricity system. The aim of this work is to analyze the competitiveness of hydrogen-fueled gas turbines, including both open and combined cycles, with flexible fuel mixing of hydrogen and biomethane in zero-carbon emissions electricity systems. The work applies a techno-economic optimization model to future European electricity systems with high shares of VRE.
The results show that the most competitive gas turbine option is a combined cycle configuration that is capable of handling up to 100% hydrogen, fed with various mixtures of hydrogen and biomethane. The results also indicate that the endogenously calculated hydrogen cost rarely exceeds 5 €/kgH2 when used in gas turbines, and that a hydrogen cost of 3–4 €/kgH2 is, for most of the scenarios investigated, competitive. Furthermore, the results show that hydrogen gas turbines are more competitive in wind-based energy systems, as compared to solar-based systems, in that the fluctuations of the electricity generation in the former are fewer, more irregular and of longer duration. Thus, it is the characteristics of an energy system, and not necessarily the cost of hydrogen, that determine the competitiveness of hydrogen gas turbines.

Funding source: This project, the Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center (ZEHTC), has received funding through the framework of the joint programming initiative ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems' focus initiative on Integrated, Regional Energy Systems, with support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 775970.
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Sweden

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