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A Comprehensive Review on Recent Advancements in Thermochemical Processes for Clean Hydrogen Production to Decarbonize the Energy Sector


Hydrogen is a source of clean energy as it can produce electricity and heat with water as a by-product and no carbon content is emitted when hydrogen is used as burning fuel in a fuel cell. Hydrogen is a potential energy carrier and powerful fuel as it has high flammability, fast flame speed, no carbon content, and no emission of pollutants. Hydrogen production is possible through different technologies by utilizing several feedstock materials, but the main concern in recent years is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from energy sectors. Hydrogen production by thermochemical conversion of biomass and greenhouse gases has achieved much attention as researchers have developed several novel thermochemical methods which can be operated with low cost and high efficiency in an environmentally friendly way. This review explained the novel technologies which are being developed for thermochemical hydrogen production with minimum or zero carbon emission. The main concern of this paper was to review the advancements in hydrogen production technologies and to discuss different novel catalysts and novel CO2 -absorbent materials which can enhance the hydrogen production rate with zero carbon emission. Recent developments in thermochemical hydrogen production technologies were discussed in this paper. Biomass gasification and pyrolysis, steam methane reforming, and thermal plasma are promising thermochemical processes which can be further enhanced by using catalysts and sorbents. This paper also reviewed the developments and influences of different catalysts and sorbents to understand their suitability for continuous clean industrial hydrogen production.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Bangladesh

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