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The New Model of Energy Cluster Management and Functioning


This article was aimed to answer the question of whether local energy communities have a sufficient energy surplus for storage purposes, including hydrogen production. The article presents an innovative approach to current research and a discussion of the concepts of the collective prosumer and virtual prosumer that have been implemented in the legal order and further amended in the law. From this perspective, it was of utmost importance to analyze the model of functioning of an energy cluster consisting of energy consumers, energy producers, and hydrogen storage, whose goal is to maximize the obtained benefits, assuming the co-operative nature of the relationship. The announced and clear perspective of the planned benefits will provide the cluster members a measurable basis for participation in such an energy community. However, the catalogue of benefits will be conditioned by the fulfillment of several requirements related to both the scale of covering energy demand from own sources and the need to store surplus energy. As part of the article, the results of analyses together with a functional model based on real data of the local energy community are presented.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Poland

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