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Dynamic Investigation and Optimization of a Solar‐Based Unit for Power and Green Hydrogen Production: A Case Study of the Greek Island, Kythnos


The aim of the present work is the analysis of a solar‐driven unit that is located on the non‐interconnected island of Kythnos, Greece, that can produce electricity and green hydrogen. More specifically, solar energy is exploited by parabolic trough collectors, and the produced heat is stored in a thermal energy storage tank. Additionally, an organic Rankine unit is incorporated to generate electricity, which contributes to covering the island’s demand in a clean and renewable way. When the power cannot be absorbed by the local grid, it can be provided to a water electrolyzer; therefore, the excess electricity is stored in the form of hydrogen. The produced hydrogen amount is compressed, afterward stored in tanks, and then finally can be utilized as a fuel to meet other important needs, such as powering vehicles or ferries. The installation is simulated parametrically and optimized on dynamic conditions, in terms of energy, exergy, and finance. According to the results, considering a base electrical load of 75 kW, the annual energy and exergy efficiencies are found at 14.52% and 15.48%, respectively, while the payback period of the system is deter‐ mined at 6.73 years and the net present value is equal to EUR 1,073,384.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Greece

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