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Utilization of Hydrogen in Gas Turbines: A Comprehensive Review


The concerns regarding the consumption of traditional fuels such as oil and coal have driven the proposals for several cleaner alternatives in recent years. Hydrogen energy is one of the most attractive alternatives for the currently used fossil fuels with several superiorities, such as zero-emission and high energy content. Hydrogen has numerous advantages compared to conventional fuels and, as such, has been employed in gas turbines (GTs) in recent years. The main benefit of using hydrogen in power generation with the GT is the considerably lower emission of greenhouse gases. The performance of the GTs using hydrogen as a fuel is influenced by several factors, including the performance of the components, the operating condition, ambient condition, etc. These factors have been investigated by several scholars and scientists in this field. In this article, studies on hydrogen-fired GTs are reviewed and their results are discussed. Furthermore, some recommendations are proposed for the upcoming works in this field.

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