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Decarbonization in Ammonia Production, New Technological Methods in Industrial Scale Ammonia Production and Critical Evaluations


With the synthesis of ammonia with chemical methods, global carbon emission is the biggest threat to global warming. However, the dependence of the agricultural industry on ammonia production brings with it various research studies in order to minimize the carbon emission that occurs with the ammonia synthesis process. In order to completely eliminate the carbon emissions from ammonia production, both the hydrogen and the energy needed for the operation of the process must be obtained from renewable sources. Thus, hydrogen can be produced commercially in a variety of ways. Many processes are discussed to accompany the Haber Bosch process in ammonia production as potential competitors. In addition to parameters such as temperature and pressure, various plasma catalysts are being studied to accelerate the ammonia production reaction. In this study, various alternative processes for the capture, storage and complete removal of carbon gas released during the current ammonia production are evaluated and the current conditions related to the applicability of these processes are discussed. In addition, it has been discussed under which conditions it is possible to produce larger capacities as needed in the processes studied in order to reduce carbon gas emissions during ammonia production in order to provide raw material source for fertilizer production and energy sector. However, if the hydrogen gas required for ammonia production is produced using a solid oxide electrolysis cell, the reduction in the energy requirement of the process and in this case the reduction of energy costs shows that it will play an important role in determining the method to be used for ammonia production. In addition, it is predicted that working at lower temperature (<400 °C) and pressure (<10 bar) values in existing ammonia production technologies, despite increasing possible energy costs, will significantly reduce process operating costs.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Turkey

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