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A Multi-period Sustainable Hydrogen Supply Chain Model Considering Pipeline Routing and Carbon Emissions: The Case Study of Oman


This paper presents a mathematical model for a multi-period hydrogen supply chain design problem considering several design features not addressed in other studies. The model is formulated as a mixed-integer program allowing the production and storage facilities to be extended over time. Pipeline and tube trailer transport modes are considered for carrying hydrogen. The model also allows finding the optimal pipeline routes and the number of transport units. The objective is to obtain an efficient supply chain design within a given time frame in a way that the demand and carbon dioxide emissions constraints are satisfied and the total cost is minimized. A computer program is developed to ease the problem-solving process. The computer program extracts the geographical information from Google Maps and solves the problem using an optimization solver. Finally, the applicability of the proposed model is demonstrated in a case study from Oman.

Funding source: This work was supported by the German University of Technology in Oman [grant number SGI-19/20-005].

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