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Performance of Three Typical Domestic Gas Stoves Operated with Methane-hydrogen Mixture


Hydrogen blending into natural gas has attracted significant attention in domestic applications. The paper studied the effects of natural gas mixed with hydrogen at 0% (vol), 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% on the performance of typical round-port gas stove (TRPGS), swirling strip-port gas stove (SSPGS) and radiant porous media gas stove (RPMGS). The experimental results show that flame length shortens with the increase of hydrogen proportion, and the combustion remains stable when the hydrogen proportion is equal to or less than 25%. With increasing hydrogen proportion, the measured heat inputs of the three types of domestic gas stoves decrease gradually, and the average thermal efficiency of TRPGS and SSPGS increase by 0.82% and 1.18%, respectively. In addition, the average efficiency of the RPMGS first increases by 1.35% under a hydrogen proportion of 15% and then decreases by 1.36% under a hydrogen proportion of 25%. In terms of flue gas emission, CO emission reduces significantly with increasing hydrogen proportion, while NOX emissions remain almost unchanged.

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