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Bibliometric Analysis of Global Trends around Hydrogen Production Based on the Scopus Database in the Period 2011–2021


Given the increase in population and energy demand worldwide, alternative methods have been adopted for the production of hydrogen as a clean energy source. This energy offers an alternative energy source due to its high energy content, and without emissions to the environment. In this bibliometric analysis of energy production using electrolysis and taking into account the different forms of energy production. In this analysis, it was possible to evaluate the research trends based on the literature in the Scopus database during the years 2011–2021. The results showed a growing interest in hydrogen production from electrolysis and other mechanisms, with China being the country with the highest number of publications and the United States TOP in citations. The trend shows that during the first four years of this study (2011–2014), the average number of publications was 74 articles per year, from 2015 to 2021 where the growth is an average of 209 articles, the journal that published the most on this topic is Applied Energy, followed by Energy, contributing with almost 33% in the research area. Lastly, the keyword analysis identified six important research points for future discussions, which we have termed clusters. The study concludes that new perspectives on clean hydrogen energy generation, environmental impacts, and social acceptance could contribute to the positive evolution of the hydrogen energy industry.

Funding source: Research Group en Deterioro de Materiales, Transición Energética y Ciencia de datos DANT3, Facultad de Ingeniería, Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Universidad Señor de Sipán, Chiclayo 14820, Perú.
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Colombia ; Peru

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