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Influences on Hydrogen Production at a Wind Farm


If an affordable infrastructure for low-carbon-intensity hydrogen can be developed, then hydrogen is expected to become a key factor in decarbonizing the atmosphere. This research focuses on factors an existing wind farm operator would consider when weighing participating in the electricity market, the hydrogen market, or both. The solutions depend on the state of technology, which is changing rapidly, the local market structures, the local natural resources, and the local pre-existing infrastructure. Consequently, this investigation used an assessment approach that examined the variation of net present value. The investigation identified profitability conditions under three different scenarios: 1) Make and sell what makes economic sense at the time of production, 2) Use electrolyzer and fuel cell to consume power from the grid at times of low net demand and to produce electricity at times of high net demand, 3) Same as #2 but also market hydrogen directly when profitable.

Funding source: This research was sponsored by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America.
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United States

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