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Prospect of Green Hydrogen Generation from Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources: A Review


Hydrogen is one of the prospective clean energies that could potentially address two pressing areas of global concern, namely energy crises and environmental issues. Nowadays, fossil‐ based technologies are widely used to produce hydrogen and release higher greenhouse gas emis‐ sions during the process. Decarbonizing the planet has been one of the major goals in the recent decades. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to find clean, sustainable, and reliable hydrogen pro‐ duction technologies with low costs and zero emissions. Therefore, this study aims to analyse the hydrogen generation from solar and wind energy sources and observe broad prospects with hybrid renewable energy sources in producing green hydrogen. The study mainly focuses on the critical assessment of solar, wind, and hybrid‐powered electrolysis technologies in producing hydrogen. Furthermore, the key challenges and opportunities associated with commercial‐scale deployment are addressed. Finally, the potential applications and their scopes are discussed to analyse the important barriers to the overall commercial development of solar‐wind‐based hydrogen production systems. The study found that the production of hydrogen appears to be the best candidate to be employed for multiple purposes, blending the roles of fuel energy carrier and energy storage modality. Further studies are recommended to find technical and sustainable solutions to overcome the current issues that are identified in this study.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Australia

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