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CFD Modelling of Hydrogen and Hydrogen-methane Explosions - Analysis of Varying Concentration and Reduced Oxygen Atmospheres


This paper evaluates the predictive capabilities of the advanced consequence model FLACS-CFD for deflagrations involving hydrogen. Two modelling approaches are presented: the extensively validated model system originally developed for hydrocarbons included in FLACS-CFD 22.1 and a Markstein number dependent model implemented in the in-house version FLACS-CFD 22.1 IH. The ability of the models to predict the overpressure and the flame arrival time for scenarios with different concentrations of hydrogen, and thus different Lewis and Markstein numbers, is assessed. Furthermore, the effect of adding methane or nitrogen on overpressure for different regimes of premixed combustion are investigated. The validation dataset includes deflagrations in the open or in congested open areas and vented deflagrations in empty or congested enclosures. The overpressure predictions by FLACS-CFD 22.1 IH are found to be more accurate than those obtained with FLACS-CFD 22.1 for scenarios with varying hydrogen concentrations and/or added nitrogen or methane in the mixture. The predictions by FLACS-CFD 22.1 IH for lean hydrogen mixtures are within a factor of 2 of the values observed in the experiments. Further development of the model is needed for more accurate prediction of deflagrations involving rich hydrogen mixtures as well as scenarios with other fuels and/or conditions where the initial pressure or temperature deviate significantly from ambient conditions.

Funding source: The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial contribution from the Research Council of Norway (project number 317782) through the Industrial Ph.D. scheme.
Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Norway

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