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Green Hydrogen Based Power Generation Prospect for Sustainable Development of Bangladesh using PEMFC and Hydrogen Gas Turbine


Bangladesh focuses on green energy sources to be a lesser dependent on imported fossil fuels and to reduce the GHG emission to decarbonize the energy sector. The integration of renewable energy technologies for green hydrogen production is promising for Bangladesh. Hybrid renewable plants at the coastline along the Bay of Bengal, Kuakata, Sandwip, St. Martin, Cox’sbazer, and Chattogram for green hydrogen production is very promising to solve the power demand scarcity of Bangladesh. Hydrogen gas turbine and hydrogen fuel cell configured power plant performances are studied to observe the feasibility/prospect to the green energy transition. The Plant’s performances investigated based on specification of the plant’s units and verified by MATLAB SIMULINK software. Fuels blending (different percent of hydrogen with fossil fuel/NG) technique makes the hydrogen more feasible as turbine fuel. The net efficiency of the fuel cell-based combined cycle configuration (74%) is higher than that of the hydrogen gas turbine-based configuration (51.9%). Moreover, analyses show that the increment of combined cycle gas turbine efficiency (+18.5%) is more than the combined cycle PEMFC configuration (+14%). Long-term storage of renewable energy in the salt cavern as green hydrogen can be a source of energy for emergency. A significant share of power can be generated by a numbers of green power plants at specified places in Bangladesh.

Funding source: The authors are grateful for funding by MoST (Ministry of Science & Technology), Government republic of Bangladesh through the annual development project (ADP-2018-22) entitle; Establishment of hydrogen energy laboratory.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Bangladesh

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