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A Roadmap with Strategic Policy toward Green Hydrogen Production: The Case of Iraq


The study proposes a comprehensive framework to support the development of green hydrogen production, including the establishment of legal and regulatory frameworks, investment incentives, and public-private partnerships. Using official and public data from government agencies, the potential of renewable energy sources is studied, and some reasonable assumptions are made so that a full study and evaluation of hydrogen production in the country can be done. The information here proves beyond a doubt that renewable energy makes a big difference in making green hydrogen. This makes the country a leader in the field of making green hydrogen. Based on what it found, this research suggests a way for the country to have a green hydrogen economy by 2050. It is done in three steps: using green hydrogen as a fuel for industry, using green hydrogen in fuel cells, and selling hydrogen. On the other hand, the research found that making green hydrogen that can be used in Iraq and other developing countries is hard. There are technological, economic, and social problems, as well as policy consequences, that need to be solved.

Funding source: The present work was partially supported by the Polish Ministry of Science (Grant AGH No.
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Iraq ; Poland

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