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Towards Accident Prevention on Liquid Hydrogen: A Data-driven Approach for Releases Prediction


Hydrogen is a clean substitute for hydrocarbon fuels in the marine sector. Liquid hydrogen (2 ) can be used to move and store large amounts of hydrogen. This novel application needs further study to assess the potential risk and safety operation. A recent study of 2 large-scale release tests was conducted to replicate spills of 2 inside the ship’s tank connection space and during bunkering operations. The tests were performed in a closed and outdoor facility. The 2 spills can lead to detonation, representing a safety concern. This study analyzed the aforementioned 2 experiments and proposed a novel application of the random forests algorithm to predict the oxygen phase change and to estimate whether the hydrogen concentration is above the lower flammability limit (LFL). The models show accurate predictions in different experimental conditions. The findings can be used to select reliable safety barriers and effective risk reduction measures in 2 spills.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Norway

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