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An Integrated Framework for Optimal Infrastructure Planning for Decarbonising Heating


This paper presents the HEGIT (Heat, Electricity and Gas Infrastructure and Technology) model for optimal infrastructure planning for decarbonising heating in buildings. HEGIT is an optimisation model based on Mixed Integer Linear Programming. The model co-optimises the integrated operation and capacity expansion planning of electricity and gas grids as well as heating technologies on the consumer side while maintaining the security of supply and subject to different environmental, operational and system-wide constraints. The three main features of the HEGIT model are: • It incorporates an integrated unit commitment and capacity expansion problem for coordinated operation and long-term investment planning of the electricity and gas grids. • It incorporates the flexible operation of heating technologies in buildings and demand response in operation and long-term investment planning of gas and electricity grids. • It incorporates a multi-scale techno-economic representation of heating technologies design features into the whole energy system modelling and capacity planning. These features enable the model to quantify the impacts of different policies regarding decarbonising heating in buildings on the operation and long-term planning of electricity and gas grids, identify the cost-optimal use of available resources and technologies and identify strategies for maximising synergies between system planning goals and minimising trade-offs. Moreover, the multi-scale feature of the model allows for multi-scale system engineering analysis of decarbonising heating, including system-informed heating technology design, identifying optimal operational setups at the consumer end, and assessing trade-offs between consumer investment in heating technologies and infrastructure requirements in different heat decarbonisation pathways.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: United Kingdom

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